Betty & Veronica Vixens #3

by Olivier Roth on January 25, 2018

Story by: Jamie Lee Rotante

Art by: Eva Cabrera

Colors by: Elaina Unger

Published by: Archie Comics


Before I start this review off, I have to say, Archie Comics are really trying some new things with their characters these days. I don’t think in a million years anyone would have thought we would be seeing Betty and Veronica be the leader of a biker gang right? Well that’s exactly what we’ve gotten here.


As for the issue itself, it’s pretty fun. Betty, Veronica, and the rest of their Vixens start off the issue with a fact-finding mission at a nondescript biker bar somewhere outside Riverdale (one would assume). Why are they here you may ask? To try and find some more info on the Southside Serpents who have been making waves in Riverdale.


Rewind a few weeks and we continue to learn how the girls have been preparing to become their new gang as they continue to learn from Bubbles - a former something or other - it is heavily implied former gang-member - who is now one of the mechanics at her boyfriend Ambrose’s garage. The girls have come to her on multiple occasions to learn her ways, but it’s only after Ambrose and his garage get roughed up by the Serpents that she agrees to help.


Unlike previous issues where the book would begin with the present and then stay in a flashback, issue 3 goes back to the present for the last few pages as the Vixens finally confront the Serpents and set-up a race to determine who will control Riverdale. It may feel a little anticlimactic, but it is clearly setting up something more in future issues.


As usual, the art from Cabrera is bright, clean (even though there are roughly 6 Vixens now, they are all distinguishable) and it is all brought to life by Unger’s colors.

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