Transformers Lost Light #13

by Olivier Roth on January 25, 2018

Written by: James Roberts

Art by: Alex Milne

Colors by: Joana Lafuente

Published by: IDW


I feel like I need to preface a lot of my reviews for the IDW Hasbro universe with this one warning: I am still very new to this universe and therefore some of my nitpicks that I may have would not be there if I had been reading the series from the beginning.


Having said that, Transformers Lost Light is, from what I can tell, a really good series with witty dialogue, great, expressive artwork and it is definitely a comic that I feel is worth reading. It does however have one glaring omission that all other IDW comics have: there is no cast of characters page. Since this is more the editorial team than on the creators, it didn’t really lessen my enjoyment of the comic, but it did make for some confusing reading since I didn’t know most of the characters.


Okay, to the issue at hand. The book starts off on Necroworld where we find some Transformers doing some clean-up, of something, I’m not quite sure of what, during a rescue mission. Piecing together what is explained in the first few pages with the recap, it seems this group was sent to gather up Rodimus’ group, who are no longer there.


Speaking of Rodimus’ group, Roberts and Milne dedicate the remainder of the issue to showing us what life is like for a group of Transformers who are stuck on an enlarged ship (Decepticon pod named Skip) as they make their way towards the Lost Light. However, being stuck together leads to some shenanigans, obviously.


This is where I really enjoyed this issue. Even though I’m new to the series, Roberts did a great job giving each of the Transformers a discernible personality and motivation for their actions. I may not remember the names of all of the crew (with some exceptions), but going forward I’ll be able to at least recognize them in another fashion.


Milne on art is, simply put, awesome. I’ve read some Transformers comics in the past and one of the issues I’ve always had is that they are sometimes drawn way to similar. Here, that is not the case. Again, like the personalities, Milne is able to help the reader between the Transformers by their size, coloring (thanks to Lafuente) and facial expressions.


In all, this issue was great and it’s making me want to pick up the earlier issues to catch-up to the story, which is great. I also can’t wait to see what comes next.

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