The Shadow #6

by Olivier Roth on January 24, 2018

Written by: Si Spurrier & Dan Watters

Art by: Daniel HDR & Ricardo Jaime

Color by: Natalia Marques

Published by: Dynamite


This issue marks the finale of this volume of The Shadow and therefore the conclusion of this storyline. To catch you up, The Shadow himself was found in a hospital bed by medical student Mary Jerez, a woman who had been involved in a Shadow incident when she was younger, but had lost all memory of who he was. Through some not-so common medical techniques (hypnosis), Mary was able to get the Shadow to remember some of his recent-past, all of which revolved around one man: Worthy Delaney.


From there, lots occured that led us to this finale. And what a finale it is… somewhat. I’ll admit, this final issue left me wanting more. Up until this issue, I was pretty sure I was following along with the story, but now I’m not so sure if I ever was.


Unlike previous issues, Worthy Delaney becomes a central focus of the story this time around. This is where I believe I may have missed the mark in reading this series since I never gave this character too much of a second thought, but trust me, he is the central figure to this Shadow story.


The denouement of the story does put a pretty bow on the whole series however, and I’m pretty sure, upon reflection, that Watters and Spurrier actually tie up all the loose ends - some better than others. When I got to the end of the issue, they also through a curve ball to my expectations which is also nice.


In all, not the best ending I’ve ever read, but a very serviceable one that I think may be better appreciated if read in trade.

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