Gotham City Garage #8

by Olivier Roth on January 24, 2018

Story by: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing

Art by: Ming Doyle (Chapter 15) & Eryk Donovan (Chapter 16)  

Colors by: Kelly Fitzpatrick

Published by: DC Comics


In this new issue of Gotham City Garage, we the reader get a small history lesson from Kelly and Lanzing about our mystery heroine Wonder Woman as well as the official backstory for Kara Gordon.


After decisions were made in the previous issue that to properly combat Luthor’s forces the Garage needed to start recruiting more heroes, Wonder Woman took Kara on a journey to the last remaining forest in the world. The purpose? To discover exactly who Kara is and to bring forth a new warrior: Supergirl!


The issue, as with all digital-first, splits the book in two and does so in a great way this week. Thematically, both chapters are similar in that they seek to explore the origins of both our heroines. Both were marked by the death of their worlds. The only difference is Wonder Woman was aware of this loss whereas Kara is learning it for the first time. This simple difference is clearly evident in how they comport themselves. We are still fairly new to Wonder Woman, her only being introduced in the last few chapters, but you can already see there’s an edge to her. On the other hand, Kara is indicative of her age in that she is still learning about everything around her, be it the world or even her powers, but she does so with glee.


On art duties this time around sees the return of Doyle in the first chapter. Being the first artist to draw for this series, Doyle established the look and feel of the series and its great to see her back. For the second chapter, Donovan does an admirable job, especially in the flashback sequences.

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