Robotech #6

by Olivier Roth on January 17, 2018

Plot: Brian Wood and Simon Furman

Script: Simon Furman

Art: Marco Turini

Colors: Marco Lesko

Published by: Titan Comics


This issue of Robotech exemplifies exactly what I have been enjoying about the series (and apologies in advance for sounding like a broken-record): big mech battles with character development. After the last issue, our stalwart heroes have finally made their way to Mars in an effort to not only complete a resupply for the SDF-1, but also, on the small scale, allow newly minted Captain Lisa Hayes to receive some closer on a personal matter.


However, what awaits them is a trap, set by Warlord Khyron - part of the alien race that first set things in motion - and more questions for Captain Hayes than answers. We also get some forward motion on Rick Hunter’s storyline with not only his relationship with Minmei, but also some updates on his deteriorating eyesight - something that is quite important for a pilot.


What is great about this issue is the fact that it does not just rest on its main plot - the Mars expedition - it also continues to move the story forward as these characters continue to try and find their way home and answers all at the same time.


The art is, as usual, one of the high-points of this series. It’s hard trying to find new ways to express how much I have been enjoying Marco Turini’s work month-in and month-out. Characters continue to be distinct, the robots look awesome and the action sequences continue to be marvellous.

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