Sheena Queen of the Jungle #5

by Olivier Roth on January 17, 2018

Written by: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo

Art by: Maria Sanapo

Color: Ceci De La Cruz

Published by: Dynamite


With the fifth issue in this new series by Dynamite, we see the end of the first arc that saw Sheena, with the help of Chano, face off not only against a mercenary group working for some industrialists trying to take over the jungle, but also a group of monsters, accidentally unleashed by these industrialists, that are able to completely mimic people they encounter with the goal of taking over their lives. I think.


Seeing as these monsters are the real threat, Sheena proposes a partnership with the mercenaries to try and stave off this attack. From there, Sheena, Chano and the mercs proceed to fight back against the legion of monsters and getting some much needed help along the way from Sheena’s tribe.


The issue’s climax, and how Bennett and Trujillo get to that point, is unfortunately chalk full of  pretty obvious cliches and resolutions to the problems. At no point would I say that the ending was ever in any doubt since any stakes that were hintend, never really came about. This proved to be a little disappointing since the previous issues, though not perfect by any means, showed a lot of promise, all for it to be squandered on the conclusion.


We are given some hints towards the future, specifically for Sheena, so future issues may redeem this particular issue, but for now, on its own merits, this issue will remain pretty unremarkable.

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