Bombshells United #9

by Olivier Roth on January 03, 2018

Bombshells United #9

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Siya Oum

Colorist: J. Nanjan

Published by: DC Comics


Going into these chapters of the digital-first comic Bombshells United, I was intrigued to see where Bennett and her team of artists would take this story-arc. In the last issue, Bennett revealed a new character to this arc in the form of Talia al Ghul with a surprise return to boot.


How she chose to continue is straight out of the “We will make the reader wait a bit” to get the reaction of our heroines of the story. And Bennett does just that by dedicating the first part of this issue (and thus, one full weekly chapter) to the origin of Black Adam, our antagonist of this tale.


We learn that Black Adam is old. Well, more importantly, that Black Adam started off just as Adam in the Kingdom of Kahndaq and was granted the powers of SHAZAM and the title of prince after he bravely saved the actual crown prince from a kidnapping from an evil wizard. However, as it is with a lot of tales, Adam didn’t start off evil, but became increasingly so when the love of his life, Isis, is taken from him. From there, he begins to search for a way to bring her back.


This leads us to the present where we find Montoya, Batwoman, Talia and our surprise return discussing the implications of using a Lazarus Pit, as seen from the previous issue.


This series continues to be a fun look into this world that Bennett and her bevy of artists continue to create. It’s always fun to see what she comes up with next and this story-arc has been a fun ride.

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