The Wild Storm #10

by Olivier Roth on December 22, 2017

Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt

Colorist: Steve Buccellato

Published by: DC Comics


“I think, things are starting to fall into place.” That was my first thought after completing this issue. The one great thing about a comic book that has a clear beginning, middle, and an end like The Wild Storm does - seeing as it is a 24 maxi-series - is that you know that the creative team probably has everything all planned out for this run.


And that holds very true for The Wild Storm. Ellis and Davis-Hunt are now well on their way in the second act and continue to move the pieces around the board while giving the reader some indication of what is to come next.  


In this issue, we get, as has been the case, four different viewpoints within this universe. We get the Wild C.A.T. team preparing to move against IO. We have the Weatherman and Skywatch trying to figure out what is happening on Earth. Then there’s the Doctor explaining to Jenny Sparx who she actually is. And finally, we get another introduction to a longstanding character from this universe who I actually recognized without having to look them up!


You can tell Ellis and Davis-Hunt are working towards something that may be pretty explosive, but for now, The Wild Storm continues to play the “set-up” game all the while moving the pieces closer and closer together and I can't wait to see where everything ends up. 

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