Bug! The Adventures of Forager #6

by Olivier Roth on December 13, 2017

Storytellers: Lee Allred & Michael Allred

Colorist: Laura Allred

Published by: DC’s Young Animal


With this, the sixth of the issue, we get the conclusion to what has been one of the funnest comics I’ve read in a few years in Bug! The Adventures of Forager, and we get to thank the Allreds for that.


After discovering that New Genesis had been transformed into what could only be described as the world’s biggest board game, Bug is finally to confront Chagra for the final time. But wait! There’s a small twist to the final confrontation, that I will not reveal, but we received hints of it in the previous issues.


As far as final issues go in mini-series, the Allreds do an excellent job of not only tying everything up that was presented in the previous issues, but we also get to go exploring into the world that is New Genesis and how things “work” there. This coupled with the fact that we finally learn who the bear and Kuzuko are, really help cement the ending. Or is it an ending? We’ll have to see.


For those of you that have been following my reviews, you’ll know that for me, comics should primarily be fun. If they are lacking in some aspects, but are all around a fun experience, I will go easy on it sometimes. What the Allreds have crafted here in Bug! The Adventures of Forager, is a fun six issue mini-series that never took itself too seriously and had a great time going over the many DC creations of the King Jack Kirby.


Everything from the art to the writing, to the plot, to the layouts, everything screamed fun with a dash of weirdness and sprinkles of zaniness. This is why I love when the Allreds all team-up on a book, and this is why I will continue to read their adventures, wherever they show up next.


P.S. Kuzuko has fast become one of my favorite new characters this year, and I hope she shows up elsewhere soon.

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