Gotham City Garage #5

by Olivier Roth on December 13, 2017

Story by: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing

Art by: Carmen Carnero

Colors by: Trish Mulvihill

Published by: DC Comics


With the fifth issue - or chapter 9 and 10 of the digital comic - I think it is now safe to say that this comic does one thing really well: fun. That’s right, as simple as that, this digital-first comic has been pure unadulterated fun from the word go and that is precisely why I have been enjoying it so much.


As far as takes on old established characters, Gotham City Garage continues to expand on the idea of this perfect world created by Lex Luthor and the rebellious Garage (full of our favorite superheroes) rebelling against him. In this issue, we get a slightly different format: it is the tale of two sisters, Barbara and Kara, separated by the dome, writing to one another.


For her part, Kara is sad that she had to leave her home behind, but is relating to her sister that the outside world (from the dome) is so much different than what they were taught while under the thumb of Luthor. She gets to explain how she is making friends on the outside and how she wishes that Barbara could be there with her.


Barbara on the other hand, writes to Kara about how she is starting to learn, and getting her eyes opened, to the fact that not everything is perfect within the dome. All this leads to Barbara starting to question pretty much everything as well as trying to get into contact with Kara - somehow.


This month, the art duties go to Carnero and Mulvihil who do an admirable job with the interior art. Everything is crisp, clear and has some excellent visual storytelling going on. I’m really hoping these two get to work more on this title together.

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