Robotech #5

by Olivier Roth on December 13, 2017

Plot: Brian Wood & Simon Furman

Script: Simon Furman

Art: Marco Turini

Colors: Marco Lesko

Published by: Titan Comics


After last issue which concentrated more on the action and less on the character development side of things, issue #5 of Robotech goes back to what I enjoyed about it at first: some cool looking space mech battles coupled with some good character development.


With this issue, Wood and Furman go directly to the action, as we begin with another space battle between the Super-Dimension Fortress (SDF-1) and the alien race that first attacked Earth. We learn as the issue goes on that this has become a frequent occurrence for the SDF-1 as this battle has been now raging for months since they first space-folded away from Earth.


We also learn that Lisa Hayes is now the acting captain after the untimely death of Captain Gloval in the last issue, there is something happening with Rick Hunter that is preventing him from properly flying his mech, and Roy Fokker is intent on discovering what exactly happened to Captain Gloval. All this and the SDF-1 is in desperate need of resupply.


The crux of this issue is tied to the resupply mission that will lead the SDF-1 to Mars. For some, like acting-captain Hayes, this becomes a two-fold opportunity for her: one to prove that she can handle the responsibility of command but also to go and visit someone from her past on the base. However, as would be the case in most fiction, not everything is going to go according to plan as we still have the looming menace of the alien race that is on Mars, lying in wait.


As I previously mentioned, this issue for me returns to form as it moves the story along, the SDF-1 has been away for months now in space and is making some progress getting back to Earth, but it also takes the time to add additional motivations for its characters, Rick and Roy’s stories get hints at the future and Lisa is seemingly going to be the focal point for this arc.

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