Mech Cadet Yu #4

by Olivier Roth on November 15, 2017

Written by: Greg Pak
Illustrated by: Takeshi MIyazawa
Coloured by: Triona Farrell
Published by: BOOM! Studios


With this issue, we get what would have been the original finale for Mech Cadet Yu, but luckily, that is no longer the case. With the comic getting the seal of approval from BOOM!, Mech Cade Yu is not an ongoing series, which is excellent news. Because of this, issue number 4 now becomes simply the conclusion of the first story-arc.


So, with that out of the way, how was the comic itself? In one word: excellent! After spending the first three issues setting up this new world of Mechs and overgrown monsters, Pak and Miiyazawa get to completely let loose with big mech on monster super battles. Occupying most of the issue is the ultimate battle between the four cadets we’ve been following going up against a group of very large, very evolved monsters.


However, what Pak and MIyazawa smartly do, is not just make it about the big battle between them all. Throughout the battle, here and there you’ll get splashes of character development. Chief among them is discovering that Yu is pretty damn good under pressure when it comes to fixing things. More than once, Yu makes the leap from mech to mech to help his fellow teammates, sometimes at great risk to himself.


On art, Miyazawa and Farrell continue to shine as they get to have a ton of fun with the big battles. Luckily, the mechs have distinct looks so as to permit the reader not to get too lost in the pages - an error that is sometimes made by artists when drawing massive battles.


Overall, an excellent, sharp issue and I can’t wait to see what Pak and Miyazawa come up with next. The future is definitely bright for Mech Cadet Yu.

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