Bombshells United #6

by Olivier Roth on November 15, 2017

Written by: Marguerite Bennett
Art by: Sandy Jarrell
Colours by: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Published by: DC Comics

After the ending of the previous arc, Bennett wisely decides to hit a somewhat “reset” on the series before moving forward. I am not trying to imply that we are starting fresh, more that Bennett chooses to use these two chapters as a breakpoint to set up the next story arc.
Since Bennett chooses to do this, this issue is pretty light on content as it chooses to concentrate the bulk of its time into reintroducing most of the Bombshell characters that have not yet been a part of the United title. This, Bennett chooses to do, by employing a through line in the text where we get to her one of Black Canary’s songs as we move from scene to scene.

Each scene serves its purpose by letting new readers discover all these characters that were previously introduced including, but limited to: Aquawoman and Aquaman, The Suicide Squad, Batwoman, and Bumblebee. 

The latter half of the issue though, adds a little more intrigue to what is to come. Namely, we get the introduction of two characters that have not yet made their way into the Bombshells universe: Star Sapphire and Green Lantern. I enjoyed the fact that Bennett chose to pay tribute to the creation of the Silver Age Green Lantern, but as you’ll learn, with somewhat of a twist.

One advantage of this issue that helped keep the cohesiveness going was the art of Jarrell with Fitzpatrick on colours. One small critique I’ve had of previous issues was the fact that the same artist would do consecutive chapters, but those chapters wouldn’t be in the same issue. Here, both chapters 11 and 12 keep the same art team throughout and the comic is better for it.

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