Harley & Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #2

by Olivier Roth on November 01, 2017

Written by: Paul Dini and Marc Andreyko
Art by: Laura Braggs
Colours by: Arif Prianto
Published by: Archie Comics and DC Comics


We begin this issue right where we left off: Hiram Lodge is throwing a Heroes vs. Villains party to celebrate his new venture to build a university over the Sweatwater Swamp and our heroines for this nifty crossover get to meet for the first time.


As was shown at the end of the last issue, Betty and Veronica end up arriving at the party dressed up as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. However, it just so happens that Harley and Ivy decided to crash this same party, in their old costumes, to try and kidnap Veronica to force Lodge to shut down his new project - lest we forget that Ivy is a champion of the environment.


However, things don’t seem to go as planned for Ivy and Harley. First, Veronica tries to get the women thrown out of the party for duplicating her costume! Next, we get Ivy trying to manipulate Smithers into calming down Veronica. Finally, we have a Jokerfied Reggie putting the moves on Harley, thinking she is Betty the whole time.


Matters aren’t helped when Ivy and Harley do a quick wardrobe change so that our four protagonists are now essential twins. What do we get when this happens in comics? Hijinx, pure and simple.


Of note, we also get a few guest stars in this issue that on one hand, may not contribute too much to the story - at first - but they do pay off in the end.


Overall, I have quite enjoyed this zany crossover between four very popular comic characters that you may not have thought would ever meet. Dini and Andreyko give us just the perfect level of hijinx in each issue to keep me entertained and Braggs continues to have fun with the characters she’s given.

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