Future Quest Presents Space Ghost #3

by Olivier Roth on October 18, 2017

Future Quest Presents Space Ghost #3

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Ariel Olivetti
Published by: DC Comics


What can I say about this series? Future Quest Presents has fast become one of those hidden gems in the comics stack every month for me since it started two months ago. Unlike the previous series by Parker that concentrated on a large portion of the Hanna-Barbera collection available to DC Comics, this series has wisely concentrated on a few characters to let the reader, who may or may not be new to this universe, get to know who they are.


Choosing Space Ghost as the first character to get a spotlight was almost a no-brainer by Parker. Space Ghost is probably the one character in the Hanna-Barbera line (not named Flintstones or Jetsons) that has been in the public consciousness in the past few decades by means of his late-night talk show.


In this issue, we get to continue to learn more about Space Ghost as to whom his character is, mostly through his actions as the issue goes along. He is a hero, through and through, and will always try and do what is best, and try to help whomever, regardless of ally or foe.


A recap of the issue is not really needed here, since it is much better to read it than have me tell you what happens, but I will say that the arc of Metallus as a villain has been pretty satisfying. I say villain, but he’s really more of a misunderstood antagonist than anything else. We learn of his group’s power, but also of the massive downside of having said power.


On art, Olivetti continues to astound me. I will admit I was not always a fan of his growing up and would sometimes dread seeing his name attached to a project. However, as I grow older, I can now appreciate the effort that he puts into every single page. The fact that as a painter, he is able to keep a better schedule than some of his counterparts is a big plus in my book. Also, can we just admit that he was born to paint Space Ghost?


Another fun issue that continues to keep the Hanna-Barbera spirit alive, and keeps making me feel like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. I can’t wait to see what Parker can come up with next.

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