The Infinite Loop Nothing But the Truth #2

by Olivier Roth on October 18, 2017

Written by: Pierrick Colinet & Elsa Charretier
Art: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colors: Sarah Stern
Published by: IDW Publishing


The world found within The Infinite Loop continues to grow bit by bit in this second issue of Nothing But The Truth and with it, we begin to get a better sense of the actors found within. At the end of the last issue, Teddy, our heroine for this adventure, was confronted and attacked by someone we believed to be a friend, as the shadowy Doc, the purveyor of reality-distorting headsets looks on.


This issue begins with Teddy tied up after last issue's confrontation as we get a flashback to how the betrayal went down. Stephen, disillusioned with Ron’s, the owner of the treatment centre that was introduced, refusal to accept any help from Doc, going behind Ron’s back to strike a deal with Doc to allow the centre to continue running. The price: the capture of Teddy who it was established has quite the price on her head.


The rest of the issue is dedicated to how Stephen is able to manipulate both Teddy and Ron to isolate them from one another, the retelling of Teddy’s capture, Teddy’s wife’s confrontation with Congress to get Glitches rights, and finally an unfortunate turn of events for Ron.


This issue succeeds in continuing the twisty-turny aspect of the series by displacing events out of order throughout the issue and allowing to cut, sometimes for a few pages, to different scenes to advance different parts of the story. I can see where the Twin Peaks comparisons come from since Colinet and Charretier make sure to keep the reader guessing as the issue moves along. You’re never quite sure if: 1. You’re in the present or 2. You’re in a dream.


As fun as Teddy has been throughout the issue, I think my favourite sequence of the issue is her ex-wife’s unrelenting fervour in front of a congress that wants nothing to do with her (it seems that a not-so veiled metaphor for the current state of politics in a lot of countries).


With the ending though, that opens up quite the possibilities for the next issue and I’ll be curious to see where Teddy and the rest of the characters go from here.

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