Mech Cadet Yu #3

by Olivier Roth on October 11, 2017

Mech Cadet Yu #3

Written by: Greg Pak
Illustrated by: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colored by: Triona Farrell
Published by: BOOM! Studios


Right after the release of issue number one for Mech Cadet Yu, it was announced by BOOM! Studios that the series went from being a mini to a regular series. Knowing that it was originally supposed to be a min explains Pak’s extra fast clip to the series. A lot has happened already in these three issues; a lot that would normally take half a dozen if not more issues in today’s comic climate of decompressed storytelling.


However, the fact that the story is moving along at such a fast pace helps keep the interest in the book and allows the reader to get some satisfaction as to the character development of not only Yu, but also the rest of the cast. You wouldn’t normally get this until issue six or seven in a normal series.


We learn in the first few pages of the issue that the Starg, the alien menace that first allowed these mechs to be used as a mode of defence, are back and the Sky Corps is now on high alert: the fifth and sixth year recruits have now been pressed to action to help stave off this new alien invasion. Luckily for Yu, he and his fellow first years are to stay on base and continue their training.


We get another great character moment when Yu’s mother discovers that the Starg are back and refuses for him to continue. If it weren’t for the interference of Captain Tanaka, Yu’s mother might have gotten her way. However, with the void left by Captain Tanaka, it is Pak’s father who takes over the first year’s training to almost predictable results.


The art in this issue continues to be a high point for the series. Miyazawa’s mechs are beautiful (and enhanced by the colors of Farrell) and his characters are always expressive. Too often characters come out as flat and uninteresting, which is not the case here. Also, I have to mention the Kaiju-style design of the Starg is excellent.


Now that we are halfway through the initial issues of Mech Cadet Yu, I’ll be interested to see where Pak takes the story going forward. Clearly there is a lot of world building that can continue to take place within the comic and I for one am here for the ride.

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