The Shadow / Batman #1

by Olivier Roth on October 04, 2017

The Shadow / Batman #1

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Flavio Dispenza
Published: Dynamite Comics and DC Comics


After reading this issue, the new #1 in the second Batman / The Shadow crossover of the year, I was left with one question in my mind: was there enough in this issue to justify continuing to read this series? My initial response would be no, but after thinking about it for a bit, I find there’s just enough to continue.


My conclusion comes from two factors. The first comes from the fact that I did not read the initial crossover earlier this year and as I was reading this issue I could tell that the first series was probably an essential read to understand what was going on here. I say this as the issue begins directly in the action with Professor Pyg attacking a New Year’s party with his dollotrons as Batman and Robin come in to make the save.


After a quick battle, Batman and Robin learn that Professor Pyg was doing all this to wrest control of his dollotrons back from a mysterious group called The Silent Seven. This piques both Batman and Robin’s interest as they go their separate ways.


The second factor that I took away is that a new interaction between Robin and Batman must have been established in the first series that transferred to this series that is different from what is currently in the DC Universe. There is one scene where Batman comments that a room would have been Robin (in this crossover, it’s Damian Wayne with the Robin mantle) leading me to believe that Damian never came to live with his father. This would be fine, but there was no clear establishment of this norm in the comic for someone like me who is used to the status quo from the DC Universe.


However, the mystery of The Silent Seven has me intrigued - especially since we get a glimpse of some of the Golden-Age heroes that have appeared in Project Superpowers on Batman’s computer. I’m a sucker for these types of heroes, so I hope they make some appearances later in the series.


Oh, The Shadow does appear in the comic, but his presence is barely felt and almost inconsequential.


The biggest redeeming factor for this comic is Timpano’s art. Every page was a joy to look at. His Batman, Shadow and Robin all look amazing, dynamic and just the appropriate amount of dark throughout. His style just “fits” with this type of comic and was really enjoyable.

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