The Shadow #2

by Olivier Roth on September 13, 2017

The Shadow #2

Written by: Si Spurrier & Dan Watters
Art by: Daniel HDR
Color by: Natalia Marques
Published by: Dynamite Comics


The second issue of this volume of the Shadow begins with a flashback sequence where we get to find out, rather sooner than I would have thought, what happened that led him to end up as a burn victim at the hospital. After cornering a man on the roof of their mansion, we get an awesome visual of the mansion going up in flames while the Shadow holds this man in place.


Fast forward to present-day and we get some political commentary on the current nature of a certain world leader’s stance on the media followed by Mary, the woman we met in the previous issue taking care of the Shadow, using a memory technique with him to try and make him recall who he is. I should mention that at this point, it is presumed that the Shadow is suffering from amnesia.


The memory that Mary extracts from the Shadow is one where, like so many of his adventures, he tracks down some mafioso at a hotel bar and in the process of eliminating him and his cronies, saves some less than reputable people at the same time. But as he says, “You were lucky to find yourself behind my guns.” Could this memory be connected to what is currently happening to him?


As far as pulp-style stories go, this has been a fun series up to date. I actually can’t wait to read more. I really enjoy that not one beat is wasted within the story and that Spurrier and Watters are making sure to tie everything together.

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