Uncle Scrooge #30

by Olivier Roth on September 13, 2017

Uncle Scrooge #30

Writers: Carlo Chendi and Daan Jippes
Artists: Giorgio Cavazzano and Daan Jippes
Published by: IDW


The thirtieth issue of Uncle Scrooge brings us two tales of our favourite adventuring penny-pincher. In our first tale, we are treated to some typical Uncle Scrooge shenanigans where his penny-pinching is truly seeking new levels: Scrooge has decided to forgo food unless it is offered to him for free.


His likely target, as is usually the case, is his nephew Donald. After quite an uninspired meal and a bill that Scrooge gives to Donald (and not the other way around), Scrooge finds first a lost coin on his way home followed by an interloper in his money bin when he goes to deposit his new findings. This interloper? A space traveller who can speak to machines! What follows is somewhat predictable, especially when you discover that O.K. Quack’s, said traveller, spaceship is a perfect replica for one of Scrooge’s prized coins. The hijinks that ensues is typical Duckburg fare, but this should not come as any surprise.


In the second story in this issue, we get a story that I was able to relate to a bit, since I completely agree with Scrooge: when buying art, do you truly want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on something you believe you can make yourself? And that’s exactly what Scrooge sets out to do: make his own masterpiece. As with the first story, plenty of hijinks follows with an ending that can be seen from a mile away, but nonetheless still makes for a fun story.

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