Ghost Station Zero Part Two

by Olivier Roth on September 13, 2017

Ghost Station Zero Part Two

Story: Antony Johnston
Art: Shari Chankhamma
Publisher: Image Comics


As we ended part one of Baboushka’s return to comics, she had become the target of what she believed to be her inside woman that would lead her to the Russian Ghost Stations she was after. However, being the super spy that she is, Baboushka quickly turns the tables on her assailant after a pretty lengthy fight. The result? Her conquest is now her reluctant informant who leads her to the Ghost Station she has been looking for.


After some more action, a startling discovery, and the return of a former character (I presume from the previous series), we are treated to a pretty large scale, action packed issue that would probably look amazing, with pretty high production values, on the silver screen.


The story this issue doesn’t stray too far from the prototypical spy-thriller mold and sometimes feels almost entirely lifted from a James Bond movie. However, there is enough differences found throughout the comic that it is not simply a carbon copy.


It’s sometimes hard trying to review a comic of this nature since the story is wholly centered on the action in this issue with barely any movement where the plot is concerned. I do appreciate the beats that moved the story forward, but not much came of it other than the action set pieces.


Speaking of the action, I will give Chankhamma their due. The action set pieces are excellent. The fight at the beginning between Baboushka and HH felt raw in most of its movement and a lot of fun. And the last action set piece was also a lot of fun to read and see on the page.

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