Lark’s Killer #2

by Olivier Roth on September 06, 2017

Lark’s Killer #2

Written by: Bill Willingham
Art by: Mark Dos Santos
Colors by: Salvatore Aiala
Published by: 1First Comics


After what felt like a rocky start in the first issue, it still gave me just enough that I wanted to continue reading the series, this second issue of Lark’s Killer gives me a better sense of where this series might be going, and I’m intrigued.


When we last left Lark, she was on the run from a group of killers and after entering a tavern, was able to hire the services of Frogbarding for a meer American dollar. Frogbarding we learn, is a mercenary who is quick to the sword, and slower with his words. This, we see, through his actions to keep that one dollar, thinking it to be a bank-note worth so much more. In the present, he and Lark are making their way away from the city, where killers are still after Lark for some unknown reason, riding, and walking, under the sun. As they are doing so, we get to learn a little about both, but mostly about Lark. What was only briefly alluded to in the first issue, is said outright in this second issue: Lark is a runaway who made her due on the streets by stealing whatever she needs. You get a sense from this exchange with Frogbarding, that her family life prior to running away wasn’t that great. However, this situation she find herself in now is no picnic either. We also get a pretty sweet scene between the two when Lark introduces Frogbarding to some sunglasses. His reaction is pretty funny, and feels genuine for a character in a fantasy setting laying his eyes on modern technology - even as low tech as sunglasses are.


The rest of the issue is dedicated to the introduction to the main villains of the story. We get to meet Sarantho, a wizard who has a pretty high regard of himself (like all wizards I guess) and Yathen, the governor of Mercy Rock. We also get introduced to Hala Madramanian and Jolly Boy, two assassins hired by the governor to track down Lark and kill her. At this point, we still aren’t sure what their motives for killing Lark are, but we are promised at the end of that we will find out next issue.


What makes this issue even better is that we are treated at the end to a short story written and illustrated by Willingham about a wizard and his genie set in this new world. It’s a fun read and adds some value to the comic - and who doesn’t like Willingham prose.

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