Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #11

by Olivier Roth on August 16, 2017

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #11

Written by: Jon Rivera
Story by: Gerard Way & Jon Rivera
Art by: Michael Von Oeming
Colour by: Nick Filardi


After an explosive previous issue, we come back to Cave Carson with the return of Cave’s wife and Chloe’s mother: Mazra. Though with one slight difference, she’s a “Metal-blank” created by Doc Magnus utilizing Cave’s memories of his dead wife.


We learn on this alternate Earth that Doc Magnus and a wholly different Cave Carson set in motion a plan to dispose of the Whisperer - our now long-term big bad - and that plan involved Cave’s cybernetic eye! That’s right folks, we finally get the origin of Cave’s cybernetic eye in this issue, and it’s quite a doozy and quite frankly, overly complicated. However, I think that’s what has been this comic’s strong suit this past year: being so over the top and dare I say it, silver age-y.


A little later in the issue, after a lot of exposition and plans to explain from the other version of Cave Carson and Doc Magnus, the group finally confronts the Whisperer and lackeys head-on. All this is leading to what I suspect is a glorious finally in the next issue for this storyline prior to the comic going on temporary hiatus as it was announced recently.


On art, Von Oeming continues to delight with expressive characters and incredible monster design - the Whisperer, and lackeys, are just the perfect amount of grotesque. As this is predominantly a “talking” issue with some action sprinkled in, the characters tend to be a little more static than I would prefer, but in all, Von Oeming continues to help elevate this comic with his visuals.

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