Future Quest Presents: Space Ghost #1

by Olivier Roth on August 16, 2017

Future Quest Presents: Space Ghost #1

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Ariel Olivetti


After an explosive, fun exploration of the Hanna-Barbera universe in Future Quest, Parker is back with a new series that will spotlight many of those characters we got to know over the last year. In this premiere issue, Parker puts the spotlight on Space Ghost and the Space Force, with a cameo by the Herculoids.


We begin the issue with Space Ghost doing what he does best: policing the galaxy and thwarting what could best be described as space-pirates! Being the great space-cop that he is, Space Ghost makes quick work of the pirates. Transitioning away from Space Ghost, we are given a history lesson of Space Ghost’s universe as we listen in on Jayna and Jace’s class. We learn a bit more about the Herculoids, that were integral in the previous series, and how they came to live on their current planet Amzot. We are reminded in this lesson that the Space Patrol, of which Space is a part of, were wiped out by Omnikron - as seen in Future Quest.


After their class, and return to the Space Force station, Parker hints at Space Ghost’s past, but also the present need for more power-bands since there are only three left in existence besides Space Ghost’s. The goal becomes clear, they must seek out the extremely rare material required to make more space-bands and this leads to a return to Amzot and the Herculoids!


Parker does a good job in keeping a good pace in this debut issue. I’m always impressed when a writer can relay a significant amount of information to the reader without making it a chore to read. He gives Space Ghost a clear objective, re-creating the Space Force, gives us multiple reasons why this objective is needed: he can’t be the only protector of the universe, and most importantly, the return of one of Space Ghost’s classic enemies.


On art, Olivetti does a fantastic job with what he is given. I can honestly admit I’ve never been the biggest fan of Olivetti’s, but his painted style, which is quite distinctive, fits this story just right. We were given a taste of what he could do in the Space Ghost universe in this year’s Green Lantern/Space Ghost crossover, and he continues to deliver here. I could honestly look at his spaceships all day and his Herculoids are just plain amazing.

Even though this is a first issue, Parker had already laid the groundwork for this series with last year’s Future Quest. With Presents, he continues his strong work introducing a whole new generation to these beloved Hanna-Barbera characters of old and having Space Ghost be the first to get the spotlight was a great move.

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