Saga #45

by Olivier Roth on July 28, 2017

Art: Fiona Staples
Written: Brian K. Vaughan

After what could be a game changer of an ending in the last issue, Staples and Vaughan keep the suspense going, even if for just a few pages with the beginning of chapter forty-five. Instead of returning to Alana and the boy that suddenly appeared to her, we are treated to the somewhat continuation of the current B storyline involving Petrichor.

Last issue, we were introduced to a family of what I can only describe as bounty hunters, who cross paths with Petrichor as the issue starts. What I’ve enjoyed immensely in Saga, is the ability of Staples and Vaughan to introduce seemingly unimportant characters in previous issues, only for them to dovetail into the main story. Though only a stepping stone to what could possibly be a larger plot point in future issues, Petrichor’s side story continues to give us deeper glimpses into her character and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

In the main storyline, Staples and Vaughan don’t keep the reader in too much suspense and explain this boy’s sudden appearance with a quick, maybe a little too convenient, explanation from Marko. The lasting effects of this new character could, as previously mentioned, be a massive game changer to our little family, but not in the way some may have thought after chapter forty-four.

Staples’ art continues to be a shining beacon in today’s comic landscape. She continues to breathe constant life into this new world: from her character designs to the world they inhabit. One of her biggest strengths, which I believe is of utmost importance in comics today, is her ability to convey each character’s emotion to the reader. We see Alana’s pain at the discovery of what she has done. We see Petrichor’s no quit attitude. Probably most important of all, we get the gamut of emotions coming from Hazel as she learns and grows.

Saga has been one of those comics that has garnered high praise during its publication run and deservedly so. What Staples and Vaughan have crafted is a very personal story told on a grand scale, and chapter forty-five continues this high level of writing and art that we have come to love these last five years. Staples and Vaughan have found the perfect balance when it comes to telling their stories of Marko, Alana and Hazel and it always a pleasure to get to read and experience them.

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