Star Wars Adventures #32 Review

by NumidianPrime on July 16, 2020

Writers: Michael Moreci, Cavan Scott
Artists: Arianna Florean, David M. Buisan
Letterer: Jake M. Wood
Publisher: IDW

After an absence of a couple of months, Star Wars Adventures finally makes its long-awaited return for the last issue of the series's first run. For a series already notorious for frequent scheduling delays, the current state of things did it even fewer favors than it did for the rest of the Star Wars comics. 

This issue completes a trilogy of main stories set in the era of the Sequel Trilogy, each one following a different couple of characters. This one is an adventure between Finn and Gannis Ducain, who longtime readers might remember from the Flight of the Falcon series of backups a while back. The duo are sent on a mission for the Resistance to recruit a cell of rebels that live on Horizon Base, a location from an episode of Star Wars Rebels. The backup story also concludes a trilogy, this one focused on the Graf family onboard the Star Herald. 

I can't understate how happy I was to see Ducain again in this story for the first time since he was really introduced in Flight. I had hoped to see him in some of last year's Journey to The Rise of Skywalker program. He plays off of Finn well and I hope to see more of him in the future. The story is a pretty traditional one for Star Wars; it's fitting that this story abut trying to unite rebel cells takes place on a location from Rebels, which was about that basic concept but in another time period. I'm not the biggest fan of The Rise of Skywalker but the end of this story ties into the film in such a nice way that it made me smile. 

The use of a memory vampire was clever for the backup story, allowing it to briefly revisit a number of different stories from throughout the series's run. I'm glad that the Grafs got to be the main focus for this last stretch of backups. They've been a comforting presence and the only constant through the whole series, and it's nice to see them get a satisfying conclusion. With the way their story wraped up, I'd be OK if we didn't see them again, except maybe in a guest spot down the line.

Florean remains one of my favorite artists for the series, and the one whose work is most likely to come to mind when I think about the series in general. Her art style works really well for original characters, though sometimes it can feel a bit off when it comes to characters who originate in live action like Finn. Busien is also pretty solid, and his energy vampire comes off as sufficiently creepy.

This was a good way to wrap up a good series. I would say that I'll miss it, but it's essentially continuing uninterrupted with a new #1 in October, with Moreci even continuing to write main stories set in the same time period. The relaunch really just feels like a way to draw in new sales and an excuse to drop the backup's framing story, but we'll see. As long as the series keeps up its track record, I'll continue to enjoy it. 

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