Star Wars Adventures #29 Review

by NumidianPrime on December 19, 2019

Writers: John Barber, Michael Moreci
Artists: Derek Charm, Tony Fleecs
Letterer: Jake M. Wood
Publisher: IDW

This week's issue of Star Wars Adventures continues the two stories from the previous issues and concludes the journey towards The Rise of Skywalker. Chewie and his porg sidekick (and some other people) liberate Wookiees on Chewie's homeworld, Kashyyyk. Meanwhile, Likana, R2, 3PO, and BB-8 have to defeat an ex-Imperial First Order officer before they can take down a communications tower on Garel.

My biggest problem with the main story is how little it touches on Chewie's family and the other things that ground Chewie to his homeworld. I think it could have done a little more touching on Chewie's emotional ties to the planet. But as I've said before, this may not have been the place for it. It's a fun kids comic that accomplishes its goals: the action is fun, the story is easy to follow, the characters are enjoyable, and the art is great. It's also got some fun shoutouts to it (it's weird how much happiness a mention of Jabiim can bring me). The porgs also remain a highlight, they are perfectly built for the tone and art of this comic. I would not complain if we got more porg stories, considering the series has already had several.

The backup is also a solid read. It's nice seeing 3PO take such a prominent role and Likana is a nice new character. Orlok doesn't get too much to do but he serves his purpose and leads to a couple funny moments. I really like how this unique art style looks for everything beside the familiar human characters, and the only ones here are brief appearances from Leia and Poe so it isn't overly distracting. 

The issue is a good installment in the Journey To publishing line, and with its release the line is officially at an end. This was the first time Adventures got to participate in the buildup, and since this is the end of the Skywalker Saga it may also be the last. I enjoyed its contribution to the story, it was nice getting to see some regular conflicts in this war because we haven't gotten too much of that. I'm looking forward to seeing elements from this comic when I go to see The Rise of Skywalker tomorrow, especially Dom Monaghan's character, Beaumont. I'm also looking forward to the next few months of issues that continue the focus on the sequel trilogy (but I do hope we go back to jumping around eras after six months of lead stories in the same era). 

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