Star Wars Adventures #28 Review

by NumidianPrime on November 29, 2019

Writers: John Barber, Michael Moreci
Artists: Derek Charm, Tony Fleecs
Letterer: Jake M. Wood
Publisher: IDW

This week's issue of Star Wars Adventures continues both stories that were started in the previous issue and brings us further along the road towards The Rise of Skywalker. Chewie fights stormtroopers in the depths of the forests on his homeworld Kashyyyk, with the held of his trusty porg friend. Meanwhile, R2, 3PO, and BB-8 aid a young girl in sabotaging a First Order communications tower on Garel. 

For what it is, I'm enjoying the main story quite a bit. It's a really fun adventure that I think kids will enjoy. Beaumont seems like an enjoyable character and I hope he gets some good moments in the film, and including Nien Nunb or any Sullustan in any story ever is going to be an automatic win from me. Chewie's porg sidekick is probably the highlight of the story for me because he's adorable in every single panel he appears in and he brings a lot of levity to Chewie's story when it's just the two of them against stormtroopers. 

I do think it's a little bit of a shame that we aren't getting to explore this story concept a bit more in depth, maybe see more of Chewie's family and the effects of the First Order on the wider planet, but this isn't really the medium or format for it so I don't hold it against this story. I just hope we do get to see Kashyyyk and Chewie's relationship with it more at some point because it's a pretty underexplored aspect of his character. Derek Charm's art is great as ever, perfect for the tone. He's one of the artists I don't even need to check a name for anymore, I just recognize it at this point. 

As for the backup, it was also really enjoyable. Likana is a fun character and I enjoy her dynamic with the droid trio. It's great to see R2 and BB-8 get action beats because I'll always love that. I thought that the art worked better compared to last issue, where there were a couple of wonky human faces. The style works really well with aliens and droids (can't get enough of classic Nelvana-style 3PO). Not too much more to say about it yet but it ends on both an awesome Legends pull and a cliffhangar, leaving me excited for the next issue.

Overall a really solid installment in the Journey To The Rise of Skywalker line. I didn't dislike Marvel's Allegiance but I think I'm enjoying IDW's addition to the line more. Barber and Moreci are both solid staples of the series, I'm happy knowing that Moreci will still be on the series for the next batch of stories starting in January (for the first time on the lead stories, I think), and Barber on the backup for the first of them too. The series is in good hands and going well!

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