Star Wars: Age of Resistance - Kylo Ren #1 Review

by NumidianPrime on September 26, 2019

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Leonard Kirk, Cory Hamscher
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel

This issue brings the long Age of maxiseries to a close after 27 issues. The series went through all three eras of Star Wars storytelling and gave us short looks at different characters that displayed a core trait that defined them. 

The Kylo Ren story focuses on how Kylo deals with Vaders legacy, putting him in the same position Vader had been in decades before and giving him the chance to succeed where Vader failed. It's an interesting story premise. The use of a stormtrooper that served under vader as our point of view character was a good idea. I did like the alien culture and the closing of the story, or at least the idea behind it.

That said, it let me down a little overall. I didn't really like the use of a Zillo Beast as the culture's god. Any continuity with The Clone Wars is cool but I didn't think its use here made too much sense. The creature in The Clone Wars being the last of its kind was a big deal, and it's OK to introduce more of them if the story demands it but I didn't think the story really demanded it here because there was nothing that prevented it from being any other random monster. There was no reference to the fact that Anakin/Vader had encountered one before, and there's no reasn given for why Vader would just leave the creature there when there are known ways for dealing with it or why Palpatine wouldn't want to harness it to produce armor like he did in the show. 

More importantly, it's another in a long line of Age of stories that has very little to contribute to the character. The Snoke issue felt like it had more meaning for Kylo's character than this one. This is a problem I've had with a lot of them but I had hoped for more from the final issue of the series. The cover made me speculate that we could see Kylo going to Vader's castle on Mustafar, maybe trying to corrupt his kyber crystal there like Vader did and failing. It captures an aspect of Kylo's personality well but after 27 issues I'm just a bit tired of seeing character traits on display that I already knew about. I would rather learn more about why they have those traits or how they've been affected by them. 

It's not a bad issue by any means. The art is mostly solid (though many artists seem to have trouble capturing his face sometimes) and the story works. It just feels inconsequential. Overall the Age of series has definitely had some gems, but I am glad that it's over now and we can move on to other stories. I'm hoping to get some big announcements out of NYCC! Can't wait to see what comes next. 

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