Star Wars Adventures: Flight of the Falcon Review

by NumidianPrime on May 02, 2019

Writer: Michael Moreci

Artist: Arianna Florean

Letterer: Tom B. Long

Publisher: IDW

As anyone who has been reading my reviews knows, I'm a big fan of the Flight of the Falcon stories from Adventures. They've captured exactly what I want from Adventures on a regular basis: family-friendly, meaningful Star Wars anthology stories that add to the universe and the story. Because of that, I've been very excited for the one shot ever since it was announced.

It did not disappoint.

It wasn't exactly what I expected but it was definitely a fun story to cap off the Flight of the Falcon run. This is probably my second favorite story from the run, just behind the Ducain story that preceeded it. It's always wonderful to see Hondo, especially when a writer can nail his voice as done here. I love getting to see Batuu more and more because I'm excited for my visit there soon. One of the biggest surprises of the one shot is how connected it is to Pirate's Price, the book from a few months ago that wrapped up Bazine's part in the arc. Mahjo Reelo from that story gets a significant role here as a foil to Hondo, adding a fun dynamic.

I'm glad Arianna Florean was on the entirety of the comic's run because she's on of my favorite Adventures artists, if not my favorite. The art consistency will also make the series a better read in the trade than some other trades. Porgs are at their cutest in every single panel of this comic and if they're this cute at Galaxy's Edge, the employees will have to find ways to stop me from hugging them.

The story of the issue is solid as always. It's great to see the Guavians and Bala-Tik again, for the first time in a post-The Force Awakens story. The ending seems to give further set up for the Smuggler's Run ride that will be open at Galaxy's Edge's launch. Pirate's Price already gave us a little tease of the ride but this issue appears to take it a bit further and give us lead ins to other aspects of the ride. I was surprised that Bazine played no role in the issue, considering the part she's had in the rest of the run and the fact that she's on the cover of the issue, but it doesn't really have bearing on the story itself.

I'm sad to see this run end. It's been consistently one of my favorites since it started. I'd be happy with this as an ongoing backup, considering how many eras and owners the Falcon has lived through it certainly has enough stories to last a lifetime. But all good things must come to an end. I'm very much looking forward to picking this run up in trade format in a couple months, and I hope to see Moreci and Florean on many Star Wars stories yet to come.

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