Buffy #19 Review

by Nick Devonald on November 04, 2020

Writer: Jordie Bellaire & Jeremy Lambert
Artist: Ramon Bachs
Colours: Raúl Angulo
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

There’s so much going on in this issue. Recently the Buffy series feels like it’s really hit its stride and each issue is brilliant. Following on from the ending of the last issue we have Astral Willow and Xander having a chat. In typical Buffy fashion the reader finds themselves unsure what to think, it feels like there’s a bit of a morally grey area, and it’s unclear whether Xander is telling the truth or lying and manipulating Willow.

But that’s barely the intro to the issue. We’ve got plenty of time devoted to all of the main characters and their relationships. Buffy and Willow being best friends. Robin seeking relationship advice from Giles. Kendra and Rose getting serious. Teases about Giles past, and his relationship with his family. Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert understand that Buffy was good as much because of the focus on the characters and their relationships to each other as it was the monster of the week or overall story-arc.

And if you don’t think that’s enough for one issue well then you’re in luck. There is so much going on with the final two pages, new mysteries are introduced, as well as the introduction of another fan favourite character whose absence was beginning to be noticed. Both are excellent teases for the next issue and will leave readers desperate to find out what happens next.

There have been a multitude of different artists on Buffy since it began, which has been one of the weaker elements of the series. Ramon Bachs has been doing a good job with the art though, each of the characters are instantly recognisable and feel distinctive which some of the other artists on the series have struggled with. For an issue so reliant on the characters and their relationships with each other it takes a good artist to tell the story properly and that’s exactly what Bachs manages. We can see the emotion all over Buffys face when she’s with Willow. We can see the frustration and confusion on Robins face when Buffy’s around. Bachs does an excellent job with Vampire Xander, and Giles as well, and deserves a little bit of recognition for the skilled work he does on those characters in particular.

While the artists have frequently changed it’s nice that Raúl Angulo and his colours have been a staple of the series. It helps to bring a bit of continuity to the comic while all the artists have frequently changed. Considering a large part of the series is set at night Angulo does a great job of bringing Sunnydales night sky to life, and still managing to inject colour into what could potentially be quite dull scenes.

Each new issue of Buffy continues to be a delight, Bellaire and Lambert have managed to hit that sweet spot of telling a good story, carrying on the overall story-arc, as well as spending plenty of time with the characters and not letting any of them feel neglected. Fans of the TV series will lap each issue up, and there’s plenty for new fans to appreciate. And it feels like things are really heating up now, and the writers have got the cast exactly where they want them to tell some fantastic stories.

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