Angel & Spike #15 Review

by Nick Devonald on October 28, 2020

Writer: Zac Thompson
Artist: Hayden Sherman
Colours: Roman Titov
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

While only his second issue Zac Thompson continues to make his mark on Team Angel, carefully respecting everything which has come before while also making the team feel very much his own. He’s hit the ground running with storylines which Bryan Edward Hill introduced, while also giving readers a brand new story focused on Werewolves, and introducing fan favourite, and new to the series, Oz, who really get his moment to shine in the spotlight. Whether he will stay on after this storyarc or not is completely up in the air, but it’s nice to see a fan favourite get an opportunity to appear in Boom!s Buffyverse.

Just like in the TV series things are rarely what they seem to be on the surface, which is something that Thompson not only understands but makes a point of bringing to the table. His background as a Buffy/Angel fan is readily apparent and the series is stronger for his introduction. He understands the different dynamics between the characters, how their interactions and banter are one of the strengths of the series, and makes that one of the focuses of the story. And while things are, on one hand, very familiar, it also deviates wildly from the TV series meaning there is something here for both fans of old and new fans. It feels like there are big, grand plans slowly unfurling here, the Fred storyline in particular, as well as the Kate storyline. It’s nice that Thompson’s introduction hasn’t pushed these storylines into the background, but he’s actively embracing them. Where these stories will go is very much up in the air and it makes it an exciting time to be an Angel fan.

The biggest change with the new creative team is Hayden Shermans art. Where Gleb Melnikov gave the series a very unique style that captured the feel of the TV series Shermans art is a big departure from that. It also gives the comic a unique style and feel, but some fans may find the change a bit of a hurdle until they get used to this new art. Roman Titov has remained as colour artist for the series, but you would be forgiven for thinking that wasn’t the case because there’s a lot more colour brought to the series than before. Simple things like alleyways in the setting sun are now filled with an abundance of different colours, and it’s a big transition from the haunting shades he gave us earlier on in the series.

Zac Thompson feels like an excellent choice to take over as the writer on the series, his clear love of the show shines through and he’s doing an excellent job with the cast. The ongoing storylines feel fresh and exciting for fans of old, with no clear destination in mind yet. The art is a big change which might initially be a hurdle for some fans, but is as equally stylish as what’s come before.

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