Bliss #4 Review

by Nick Devonald on October 28, 2020

Writer: Sean Lewis
Artist: Caitlin Yarsky

Bliss has been an incredible comic from the very beginning, and what a cliff-hanger ending that last issue left us with. There has been a feeling throughout this series that no-one is truly safe, and how that conclusion was going to play out was really up in the air. The way it plays out is incredibly satisfying, there’s a real tension throughout the scene, and it ends up being even more touching and emotional than we’ve come to expect from the series.

One of the strengths of the series is down to Sean Lewis understanding that sometimes the most powerful scenes don’t need lots of dialogue. Sometimes less is more, and by trusting in Caitlin Yarsky’s art to tell the story sometimes a look is worth so much more than a single line. The beginning scene ends up being incredibly powerful, emotional and well written as a result.

The series is taking a really good look at Benton, initially by asking exactly what lengths he would go to in an effort to save his son, and each challenge or obstacle he’s faced has brought him to a new low. Faced with an impossible situation he’s committed some atrocious acts, and it’s only through Bliss that he’s managed to live with himself. This issue takes things a step further and the reader gets a chance to really see the toll that everything is taking upon him.

Within the larger mythology there are still untold numbers of mysteries to explore, but it feels like the reader is beginning to get some answers now. The rich mythology of the series, and Lethe in particular, is explored in greater depth. Sean Lewis has done an incredible job of creating a world that feels familiar and recognisable, but filled with Gods and a rich tapestry of mythological beings. The characters are instantly relatable, not only that but the reader can sympathise with them. The final line of the issue is an absolutely incredible, emotion filled sentiment which is sure to hit the reader hard.

The art from Caitlin Yarsky has been stunning throughout. The characters look like real people whose faces wear the trauma they’ve lived through. The more supernatural elements blend seamlessly in with the more normal parts of the story, and even the more alien creature designs still manage to wear their emotions on their faces. Lewis knows when to hand the storytelling reigns over to Yarsky and thanks to the old adage of a picture paints a thousand words the story is expertly told through her more than capable hands.

Bliss continues to surprise and delight readers with each issue, a story which has the power to evoke powerful emotions from the reader. There hasn’t been a single dud issue yet and each one continues to build on the incredible mythology. There is a reckoning coming which promises to be epic, but for all its worldbuilding and tales of Gods and myths at its core this is still a story about a son and his father. About how love can transcend all the atrocious deeds and acts in its name.

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