Stealth #6 Review

by Nick Devonald on October 14, 2020

Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Nate Bellegarde
Colours: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters: Sal Cipriano

Stealth has given us an interesting story, a look at a superhero suffering from some form of Alzheimer’s or dementia, and the larger implications that this has. It’s such an intriguing premise with a lot of potential. Throughout the series it has embraced this storyline and made that a big focus of the story, all the while we’ve had an ongoing storyline with Stealths ongoing war with gangs, and his arch nemesis the Dead Hand, all the while elements of the story like the origin of the suit have been teased.

This final issue manages to wrap all of the loose ends, coming up with a neat explanation which cleverly explains all the mysteries of the series as well as wrapping the entire story up, and leaving the reader with a powerful message. It’s all so cleverly and neatly done, even if the explanation comes out of nowhere, but as it’s further explained not only does it make sense but it’s well done. The only frustration is down to the fact that the Alzheimer storyline is also explained through this twist. Rather than having it being down to a man growing old we get an explanation for his Alzheimers. That had been my greatest fear for the story throughout, that after tackling this head on it ends up giving readers an explanation. And while it’s clever storytelling trick which explains it all, it’s a little disappointing that at the last minute the strongest selling point for the series is neatly explained.

The twist in this issue which explains everything also gives the series a bit of a sixth sense twist, where it might be worth re-reading the entire series for a slightly different take and slant on the entire story. Another strength of the series finale is that not only does it wrap the whole series up but it doesn’t leave any loose ends begging up for a follow up. It makes a change for a comic to tell an entire story, and it’s refreshing to have a conclusion which actively feels like a conclusion for the story, not just the arc.

The art from Nate Bellegarde has been excellent throughout, but for the climatic finale he gets the opportunity to really go all out and do some really impressive work. Couple that with the colours from Tamra Bonvillain and it ends up being something really special, a couple of panels in particular really stand out.

A satisfying ending to the story, the only downside is the Alzheimers storyline doesn’t quite get the treatment it deserves instead getting an almost too neat bow to explain and wrap it up. The series has been a great look at Alzheimers in a unique way though, and deserves recognition for this. A strong ending to a strong series, definitely recommended.

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