Year Zero #5 Review

by Nick Devonald on September 29, 2020

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Colours: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Sal Cipriano

Here we are, all too soon at Year Zero’s epic conclusion. Don’t fear though, while this might be the end of the first story arc there's a second one, or season as it’s being described, already in the works. So while this might be the end for now it’s not the last time we’ll visit this zombie apocalypse.

One of the real strengths of the Zombie genre isn’t the zombies, rather it’s looking at how people survive, how they change, how they adapt to this new status quo. Benjamin Percy understands this, and has given us four very unique characters with wildly different stories, all at different locales all across the world. Sure, there’s Zombies, and the worlds gone to ruin, but really this is a story about our four survivors and how they adapt.

This concluding issue gives each character a satisfying ending, although none feel so definitive that we won’t see them again. Rather it feels like we’ve had four unique origin stories, setting these characters up to hopefully return in later instalments of Year Zero. And it’s the choice of characters that Percy has made which has set Year Zero apart from other Zombie Apocalypse tales. When you think Zombie’s you don’t think orphan child seeking revenge. It doesn’t cross your mind to think of a group of women survivors in Afghanistan. Nor does a paranoid conspiracy theorist with a full to the brim bunker make for a logical lead. Or a samurai out to take on his master. It’s these unique characters which have not only given us entertaining stories, but also an opportunity to look at Zombies in a vastly different light. These are the characters who would normally be ignored at the side-lines, thrust into the spotlight.

Kaare Andrews deserves a mention for some of the most incredible and extraordinary covers throughout this series as well. Normally the covers won’t get a mention in a review, since they don’t have any impact on the story within, but each cover has been exceptional and deserves a bit of recognition for the incredible job he’s done.

The art has been incredible throughout the series as well. Roman Rosanas is the perfect artist to bring this apocalypse to life. Each of the characters, their stories, and their settings have been vastly different. It takes a skilled artist to make the jump between stories instantly recognisable, the reader doesn’t need to take a minute to figure out which character we’ve jumped to it’s instantly recognisable. Aiding this is Lee Loughridge’s colours. Subtle colour differences between each storyline help to distinguish each character.

Year Zero has been a breath of fresh air in a genre that has gone a little stale, it fills the hole that The Walking Dead left and is one of the most compulsive Zombie Apocalypse stories of recent years. Each character and their stories are so interesting it’ll appeal to readers who aren’t fans of Zombie stories, the Zombies being a backdrop rather than the focus of the story.

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