Buffy #17 Review

by Nick Devonald on September 01, 2020

Writers: Jordie Bellaire & Jeremy Lambert
Artist: Andrés Genolet
Colours: Raúl Angulo
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

The latest issue of Buffy takes us away from Sunnydale to introduce readers to a couple of fan favourite characters, teases a third, and manages to expand upon the Watcher mythology. This is the kind of issue which fans will absolutely love, not just for these long overdue introductions but for some of the implications about the future of Buffy that this issue suggests.

**Minor spoilers await**

This issue focuses on Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, who has so far been absent from the series. It’s set in the Watchers council HQ, and begins to fill readers in on some of the blanks from the series. Up until this point the Watchers have been quite mysterious, but we begin to learn a little more about them here. Wesley is still the wet behind the ears rookie he was when he was first introduced in the TV series, we have a long way to go before he becomes the bad ass demon slayer of later seasons of Angel. At first glance this issue might not seem too important, merely serving to introduce us to Wesley, but there are revelations and implications aplenty which promise to have far reaching consequences.

But focusing on Wesley alone would make for a rather boring issue, so it’s a good job he’s only one part of an interesting duo. It’s too much of a spoiler to reveal who his companion is, or the circumstances in which he appears, but it’s a truly fantastic moment for fans and leaves readers with as many questions as it does answers. It also brings a real sense of humour to the issue. And the tease at the end of the issue is going to leave fans DESPERATE for the next issue. If the goal of the issue was to have fans foaming at the mouth as the await the next part then it succeeds admirably.

Long time Buffy scribe Jordie Bellaire is reunited with Jeremy Lambert, they made a great pairing during the Hellmouth event and the writing continues to be top notch from them. 

Andrés Genolet is new to the Buffyverse but he does an incredible job of bringing Wesley to life, and creating the Watcher Councils HQ. This young version of Wesley always wears his heart on his sleeve and it’s clear to the reader exactly what he’s thinking and feeling. It works as a fantastic introduction to the character and really helps readers grow attached to the character. He also gets a small chance to draw some supernatural creatures and he pulls this off with aplomb, hopefully this won’t be his only foray into the Buffyverse. Then we have Raúl Angulo’s colours. No stranger to colouring in the Buffyverse he’s a nice tie between all of the different artists on the series, and does a particularly good job when it comes to Wesleys partner in crime.

The kind of issue which is important for furthering the mythology of the series, will delight fans with the introduction of certain characters, and is an all round blast. Filled with the trademark humour of the series it’s an incredible issue and has so many implications for the rest of the series. The art from Andrés Genolet & Raúl Angulo is excellent and amongst the best team we’ve had so far in the Buffyverse.

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