Year Zero #4 Review

by Nick Devonald on August 25, 2020

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Colours: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Sal Cipriano

We’re now at the penultimate issue in Year Zero, AWA’s Zombie Apocalypse story. As the penultimate story it feels like each of the individual stories are beginning to wrap up, these four characters we’ve grown close to over the course of this apocalypse are now nearing the end of their stories, one way or another. What’s worked so well with each of the four stories is the fact that each story is an interesting and exciting story for completely different reasons, and the Zombie Apocalypse is an interesting backdrop rather than the focus of the story. Benjamin Percy appreciates that the best stories are about people, not zombies, and that the zombies merely serve as an interesting way to explore these other stories.

Unusually for stories which feature multiple protagonists each of the characters are interesting and as a result each story is exciting and hooks the reader. It’s difficult to choose a favourite character out of the four we’re following because they’re all excellent and exciting in their own individual ways. Do you root for Daniel, our young orphan attempting to take down the Cartel? Or perhaps Saga Watanabe, the assassin out for revenge? Maybe you find yourself inspired by Fatemah’s struggles? Or Robert, the classic conspiracy nut whose paranoia may not have been paranoia after all. How can you choose a favourite? Every one of their stories makes for compulsive reading and there is a sense of sadness around this issue that their tales are nearly over.

On a slightly different note there is some good news, Year Zero has been confirmed to be returning for a second volume, albeit with a different artistic team and new characters, but more stories set in this world can only be a good thing. It’s still early days to see where this story will go, and will we ever dive deeper into the future, Year One or Two perhaps?

Ramon Rosanas’ art has been exceptional throughout the series. Subtle differences make it easy for readers to distinguish between the characters and the locations without needing to give it a thought. Not only do the stories shift but so does the tone of each story, and Rosanas’ manages to switch seamlessly between each. The way that Lee Loughridge subtly changes colours between characters is an important part in that subconscious transition between stories, so well done that readers won’t be aware of it but it plays an important role in how well the story reads.

As the penultimate issue in the series it’s a bittersweet feeling, readers will be excited for the conclusion but sad that we’ll soon be leaving these characters behind. AWA have recently announced a return to the world of Year Zero soon though, so it’s not all bad. The writing and art have been incredibly good throughout and this issue continues that trend. Not only does this fill the Walking Dead hole in our heart it surpasses it.

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