Thor #6 Review

by Nick Devonald on August 19, 2020

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Nic Klein
Colours: Matt Wilson
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

Donny Cates has never shied away from shaking up the status quo and making bold moves with lasting choices for the Marvel universe. And, unlike most big universe shattering twists, it actually feels like when Cates’ does it the choices are here to stay. He’s already shaken up the Thor mythology, powering him up as a herald of Galactus, but in Thor #6 he takes Thor’s new status and twists everything on its head, again. This issue won’t play out the way you expect it, and it includes a great set up for future issues.

One of the more fun parts of this run on Thor so far has been the inclusion of lots of other characters, all the Heralds in the first issue, Beta Ray Bill, Lockjaw, to name but a few. It looks like Silver Surfer (or is that Black Surfer now?) will have a recurring role on Thor and after seeing Cates’ work on Silver Surfer Black that can only be a good thing. Another nice touch with Cates’ work is the way he plans events out far in advance and puts in little references and teases early on in his work. You just need to look at his work on Venom to see that. Not only that but everything he’s done comes back around and ties in with each other.

There are so many incredible moments in this issue, Cates’ understands how to get readers excited and absolutely delighted at things he does, and there are a couple of moments near the end of the issue which are amongst his best. There is such an incredible double page spread near the end which is guaranteed to be the only thing that everyone will be talking about at your Local Comic Shop.

The art from Nic Klein has been outstanding in every single issue of Thor. He’s one of the hottest artists working for Marvel at the moment, there’s a level of detail in his work which is absolutely phenomenal. And the double page spread already mentioned? Incredible. Absolutely stunning. But that’s just one highlight in an issue, no series, filled with fantastic art. And Matt Wilson’s colours are the final touch that’s needed to elevate Kleins work even higher. Thor’s lightening, and cosmic powers, and the black winter are all taken to the next level with Wilson’s colours. Readers will be hard pushed to find a better art team working for Marvel at the moment.

This run on Thor already stood out as one of the best Thor runs ever, coming off the back of Jason Aaron’s run that’s high praise indeed. Cates’ clearly has big plans for the character, and the Marvel universe at large, that readers won’t want to miss. Get in on this series now, it’s incredible. There are big changes for Thor in this issue, and the Marvel universe at large, and teases for more to come in the near future. The only thing better than Cates’ writing on Thor? The art from Nic Klein. This is one of the best looking comics out at the moment.

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