The Resistance #4 Review

by Nick Devonald on August 13, 2020

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
Colours: Mike Deodato Jr.
Letters: Sal Cipriano

Following the last issues change of pace, The Resistance #4 follows a similar format to the first two issues in the series. Rather than focusing on one individual and their tale it’s back to a much grander, sweeping tale. Except this issue is filled with answers. We learn where the virus came from. We find out what the two sides in this conflict are, who the resistance is, what they’re resisting. We learn why the head of the defence intelligence was kidnapped earlier on in the series. But for each of these revelations a dozen new questions arise.

One of the great strengths of the series is that nothing plays out quite like you imagine it would. The origin of the virus isn’t necessarily the most original but the implications of it are. It’s also not clear which side in this cold war style conflict the reader should be rooting for. It’s a morally murky story and isn’t a clear-cut good vs evil conflict. There is plenty here to keep the reader pondering long after the comic is finished.

The Resistance is the start of a brand-new shared universe for AWA, with future titles promised in this world. Four issues in and it’s fair to say that this is one of the most original and well thought out universes in comic history. We’re barely beginning to scratch the surface of this world but it’s exciting and feels incredibly well developed.

J. Michael Stracynski’s has established himself as an incredible writer long before he began working at AWA but the quality of the storytelling here is amongst the best in his career. It’s the smaller moments, focusing on bit characters who, at this stage at least, don’t have any role in the bigger story, that stand out. Each character and their tale is so raw and human and gripping. And the characters all feel so well established it only takes a couple of lines of dialogue to understand who they are, what they’re going through, and to be pulled into their world.

Likewise, Mike Deodato Jr.’s art credentials are well established, yet what we’re seeing here is again something incredibly special. Not to fall back onto tired clichés but a picture tells a thousand words and never is that more apparent than here with Deodato’s art. The characters face, their body language and expressions, tell as much of the story as Straczynski’s dialogue does. And there is one page that is truly outstanding, a look back at some of the more influential members of society throughout history, which stands above all the others. Some of the best work of his career.

We’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of this rich new universe that Straczynski has crafted but it’s one of the more unique and exciting worlds out there. Filled with dozens of mysteries to be solved, incredibly human characters and raw stories, infinite possibilities. The quality of the writing and art is second to none. Do yourself a favour and get in on this incredible story now, at the start. You won’t regret it.

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