Buffy #15 Review

by Nick Devonald on June 30, 2020

Writer: Jordie Bellaire
Artist: Ramon Bachs
Colours: Raὐl Angulo
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

The writing on the last few issues of Buffy has been perfect. Jordie Bellaire has figured what works best for Buffy, and what area’s needed to be worked on. This latest storyarc, Ring of Fire, has taken the time away from the overall story and progression and instead focused on the smaller character drama’s. Buffy isn’t in a great place after the events of Hellmouth and rather than gloss over this Bellaire is taking the time to explore this in great detail, as well as develop her new status quo in Willow and Xanders absence.

A large part of this issue is centered around Buffy’s date with Robin, and her relationship with Kendra and Rose. These are aspects of the story which haven’t been explored too much yet so its nice to take the time out and figure out exactly how our characters feel about each other. Earlier on in the series it did at times feel like the story was plot driven, but now it feels much more organic and character driven. The relationship between Buffy and Kendra is not only frayed but as this issue shows the lack of trust between them is dangerous and could lead to lives being lost.

This issue works incredibly well not just because we’re spending time with the characters, but it’s also a throwback to earlier TV seasons of Buffy, where there’s a monster of the week story, as well as an overall season story which is being progressed. It’s effective and reminiscent of the TV series, and a reminder if any was needed that Bellaire is the ideal writer for this series. The overall story which is slowly being progressed involves a new big bad. If this issue is anything to go by it’ll not only take readers by surprise but promises an exciting new direction for the story which can’t unfold soon enough.

The biggest single problem the Buffy series has going for it is the way it continuously changes artists. The longest serving artist on the series was David López, and while his art is good it always felt a poor match for the Buffyverse. The previous issues art team were a fantastic improvement and looked absolutely incredible, then before we get a chance to get used to the new art its changed yet again. A little consistency would be nice by this stage.

Ramon Bach’s does a great job with the action scenes and monsters in particular stand out as a real highlight. All of the characters are instantly recognisable and while that might be an unusual point to highlight there have been times throughout this series when that hasn’t been the case. The characters expressions are well done, in particular Buffy’s nerves before her date are well captured. If Bachs is going to be the new artist on the series it bodes well for upcoming issues.

There have been two constants throughout the series which has helped create a unique feel for the Buffy series. Firstly there have been the colours from Raὐl Angulo. They help to give each issue a consistent feel and makes a connection between all of the different artists who’ve been present throughout Buffy. Then we have Ed Dukeshires letters, he has his own unique style which helps create that consistent look to the series.

Another fantastic issue in a series which is sure to delight Buffy fans, Booms! Buffyverse has so much potential. The biggest problem this series has is its inability to choose and stick with a good artist, a constant switching between different artists, is getting a bit frustrating. That being said Ramon Bachs’ does a good job here and won’t disappoint anyone with the art. The setup for this seasons big bad has so much potential and will excite readers no end.

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