Action Journalism #3

by Nick Devonald on May 07, 2020

Writer: Eric Skillman
Artist: Miklós Felvidéki

Action Journalism #3 is a return to the outlandish adventures of brazen reporter Kate Kelly. This time, she must face accusations of her reporting being fiction rather than fact. And if you think this sounds a lot duller than her previous adventures, don’t worry, because it isn’t long before she finds herself transported into a fairytale land and embarking on another insane adventure.

If you’ve read the first couple of issues, you’ll know what to expect by now. Each issue Kate Kelly finds herself on another crazy adventure, trouble seems to find her wherever she turns, but luckily reporting these insane stories is how she makes her living. It’s as much a homage to the classic adventure stories as it is a tongue in cheek exploration of the genre. It doesn’t take itself even slightly seriously and is a fantastic example of escapism. It’s quite apparent that Eric Skillman is having great fun writing these stories.

A couple of points which have been missed in previous reviews, the price point is worth mentioning. It’s only £1.59 in the UK, or $1.99 in America, which is a great price for a brand new issue, even if it’s digital only. Also, because of the nature of the format it’s emulating, you don’t have to read each issue. If you want to just dip in and out occasionally that’s absolutely fine, you won’t have any trouble following along with the story. And that’s quite refreshing for a comic, where most stories you have to commit to reading each issue as they come along to follow the story. And it makes a change from other comics where there are sometimes years and years of stories, and you need intimate knowledge of each issue to stand a chance of following along.

Just as in previous issues the newspaper format works really well and is definitely one of the selling points. It’s a little touch but so well done it definitely helps to set the tone and is one of the reasons it works so well. Could Kate Kelly go on to be a modern day Tintin or Lois Lane? Only time will tell for sure, but there’s a sense of fun in each issue which could potentially prevail through and make her a classic.

The art is just as good and well suited as it has been in previous issues. Miklós Felvidéki also appears to be really enjoying himself with his art. There’s a nice touch early on with one of the speech bubbles, where the shape changes to match the way the Kate’s replying, no spoilers but it’s little details like this which stick in the mind after the comic is finished. He also does a great job of capturing the characters facial expressions which helps carry the story along.

Similar to the previous two entries in this series, Action Journalism #3 makes for some great escapism. A worthy tribute to the comics it emulates, this will bring back memories of Golden Age comics for some, or be a good entry for a more modern audience.

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