Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider #4

by Nick Devonald on March 25, 2020

Writer: Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum
Artist: Scott Hepburn
Colours: Antonio Fabela
Letters: VC’s Travis Lanham

Every time Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider seems to be taking a predictable turn and the reader knows where the story is going Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum likes to remind us that he’s just as unpredictable as the titular Cosmic Ghost Rider. Not to get too ahead here but readers will not see the ending of this issue coming. Talk about twists!

Before that unexpected conclusion most of this issue focuses on Cammi, and what she’s been up to, after she was thrown through a wormhole a couple of issues ago. It’s an entertaining story in its own rights, but as an added bonus it fills in a lot of blanks from the series so far. And it also lets us spend more time with Cammi, who has been relegated to the side-lines too much recently. We also learn more about the Cosmic King and get an explanation for how such a powerful villain as him has managed to skip past the notice of all the cosmic heroes until this point.

The future of Frank Castle feels very much in flux here, and unlike most regular comic characters he feels more fluid therefore it’s harder to know where this story is going to take him. I really hope that whatever his fate he ends up spending more time with Cammi, she’s a great influence on him and they make an interesting team up.

For a story about the Cosmic Ghost Rider to work it needs to be as full on insane as he is, and Hallum manages to bring that in spades. As the penultimate issue he also promises the conclusion is sure to be crazy.

Scott Hepburn’s art is every bit as wild as Hallum’s script, which is exactly what a Cosmic Ghost Rider story needs. A particular highlight involves a double page spread which features some well known faces. It’s a nice touch and really stands out. And since this issue focuses more on Cammi than Castle it gives him a chance to really show her in action. Without going into spoilers there’s a new creation in this issue which is really well done and a particular strong point.

Antonio Fabela gets a chance to show us it doesn’t just need to be the script or art which is completely bonkers, the colours can be too. In fact they’re positively psychedelic in some scenes.

Fans of Cosmic Ghost Rider won’t want to miss this, Hallum understands the character really well, and throws enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. And somehow he still manages to catch us by surprise regularly. Hepburn’s art is as insane as our main protagonist. Highly recommended comic, it won’t just appeal to fans of Cosmic Ghost Rider, or Marvels Cosmic stories, it’s so well told it’ll appeal to comic fans in general.

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