Angel & Spike #10 Review

by Nick Devonald on March 24, 2020

Writer: Bryan Edward Hill
Artist: Gleb Melnikov
Colours: Roman Titov
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Following on from last issues cliffhanger ending we get treated to a fantastic action scene which really lets Gleb Melnikov show off his talent. It’s one of the best comic book action sequences I’ve seen in a while. The only downside to this fast, frantic action is that readers are a third of the way through the comic before they realise it and it makes the comic feel a lot quicker than usual. That’s more to do with the nature of comics than anything else though and isn’t a criticism of this issue.

It is a fantastic fight though. It really captures the supernatural horror elements of the comic brilliantly, as well as some of the best things about Angel. One panel that particularly stands out involves the word BLAM. You’ll know it when you see it, it’s just particularly effective and that’s down to both Melnikov’s art and Roman Titov’s colours.

Bryan Edward Hill emulates Spike and Angel’s relationship from the TV series really well, and the banter is brilliant. There’s a brilliant speech from Spike which is classic Spike. It’s both inspiring and funny, everything he says is spot on and it helps explain his current alliance with Angel. It’s well done and yet another highlight of an excellent comic.

Detective Lockley’s introduction last issue helps remind the reader there’s still plenty of characters who haven’t been introduced yet. It’s Wesley’s continued absence which is noticed the most, hopefully he appears soon. Perhaps even an appearance from Doyle? Angel and Kates strained relationship was one of the standout things of the first two series of Angel, so her introduction here can only be a good thing for the series going forward.

Melnikov’s art continues to impress, from the initial fight scene I mentioned all the way through to the conclusion of the comic. He captures the characters well and his art has a style to it which helps define the comic. He’s just as comfortable capturing the quieter scene’s where the characters stand around chatting as the full on fight scenes, as happy drawing a character running through a crowded hospital as the emotion on a characters face, revealing far more than the writing on the page. It would be a huge loss if he ever left this comic.

Titov’s colours are just as integral to the finished product as anyone elses contributions. There are a number of different colours during the fight which work really well. Then there’s his shadows, a highlight in previous issues they continue to be here.

This series has gone from one highlight to another as it progresses, and this issue has some great moments in it. Hill’s writing captures the essence of the TV series, right down to the characters banter and the humour throughout. Melnikov and Titov make a fantastic art team and they continue to do an outstanding job, giving the comic a unique and instantly recognisable look. Fans of the Buffyverse will love this series.

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