Firefly #15 Review

by Nick Devonald on March 19, 2020

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Lalit Kumar Sharma
Colours: Francesco Segala
Letters: Jim Campbell

Since the start of the New Sheriff in the ‘Verse storyline began Greg Pak seems to have really found his feet as the writer. He’s got the characters down really well, and it feels like there’s a little more of a plan in place rather than a reacrtion each time events take a turn for the worse. Of course it’s still Firefly, so there’s plenty of opportunities for the crew to react.

The crew have split up, and Pak handles the different storylines deftly. There’s a great intro to the comic where we learn what the majority of the crew are up to in Mals absence. We have Zoe, Wash, Shepherd, Simon & River on the hunt for a new home. Cue some excellent banter between the crew.

Then we have Mal, still investigating the earlier murder as well as the act of destruction at the end of the last issue. While this takes up the majority of the issue it’s nice to see the rest of the crew getting some time in the spotlight as well.

Then we have Jayne, Kaylee, and her new boyfriend Chang Benitez. They're on a robbery spree, which looks like it might end up tying into Mals investigation at some point. That’s probably the one sticking point of this comic for me. I haven’t been a big fan of Kaylee’s new relationship and feel like she’s acting a bit out of character. Yes, the crew of Serenity have always erred on the illegal side of things, but she’s always been the engineer rather than actively participating in the heists. I’m not sure this side of her feels particularly true to her TV personality. And she's always had a strong enough personality of her own she wouldn't just tag along because of her new boyfriend.

There is a fantastic scene between Mal and Inara which really captures the magic, chemistry and awkwardness of their relationship perfectly. I’d like to see some more of that going forward.

I really enjoy Lalit Kumar Sharma’s art. It really captures the Western in space feel of Firefly, with a little Bladerunner thrown in for good measure. And the scene between Mal and Inara works as well as it does because of the looks they give each other. It’s spot on Mal and Inara, and is sure to be a fan pleaser.

Francesco Segala’s colours really help out Sharma’s art and make the whole package work really well. It makes the sci-fi elements feel a little more Bladerunner and futuristic which is a nice touch. And the colours are very distinctive between scenes which help set the scene. Segala and Sharma are a good team and they make Paks script come to life on the pages.

This issue is sure to be a fan pleaser. Greg Pak’s script captures the characters banter really well, Lalit Kumar Sharma and Francesco Segala’s art have really strong Sci-fi/Western vibes which nails Firefly really well. If the Unification War storyline wasn’t quite to your taste I recommend picking up the New Sheriff in the ‘Verse storyline, it’s much closer to the feel of the TV series.

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