Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Ghosts #1

by Nick Devonald on March 09, 2020

Writer: Márk László
Artist: Márk László
Colours: Patricio Delpeche
Letters: Jim Campbell

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller is a return to the classic 1989 TV series of the same name. Fear not if you haven’t watched it, it’s not necessary. The titular storyteller is the narrator of our story, that’s all that you need to know to watch and enjoy this. Over the years Boom! Studios have produced a number of different anthologies based on the Storyteller, all featuring a common theme. This latest features Ghosts, and is the first of four stories. These are going to be an anthology of stories from different creators, with only the Storyteller narrating to bind them all together.

This first one is suitably haunting, tragic, dark and with a suitably well thought out ending. I really enjoyed this. If the other three Ghost stories prove to be as good as this one then readers are in for something special. This first story is centered around a creature from Scandinavian folklore, a Myling. Not something a lot of readers are likely to have come across, it's guaranteed to haunt you long after you put this comic down.

It brings to mind Mike Mignola’s work, this is a story that would fit well within the Hellboy universe, capturing the best of the one-shots and shorts that fill the Mignolaverse. As a huge fan of that universe that is really high praise indeed, and should hopefully let you know the kind of tale that you’ll find here.

This is one of the rare examples of the writing and the art coming from the same creative mind, both are from Márk László, who does a stellar job on both. The colours are done by Patricio Delpeche, who manages to make the night scenes haunting, and the Myling suitably chilling.

Having the same creator on the writing and art means that they are both in sync and the story is really well told. There is a longing and a sadness in the child of the story which the art captures, the words only further accentuating the pictures.

One of the best parts about a story like this is you have no idea how it’ll end. With no need to continue the tale after this issue it could have a tragic end, or a happy end. It’s not until we reach the final pages that we know. But make no mistake, whatever the ending of this tale, it’s tragic and haunting as the story progresses.

This is sure to appeal to horror fans. Fans of the original Jim Henson’s The storyteller won’t be disappointed, but it’s equally accessible if you’ve never come across the original. The tale is tragic and haunting, it delivers everything you could want from it. If the rest of this anthology turns out as good as this debut issue this series will be a must have.

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