The Man Who Effed Up Time #2

by Nick Devonald on March 09, 2020

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Karl Mostert
Colours: Dee Cunniffe
Letters: John Layman

The end of the first issue left us with two time cops threatening baby Sean Bennett if the adult Sean can’t fix the mess he’s made of time. It added stakes to the already dire situation, as if the fact that time had gone totally haywire wasn’t enough of an incentive to put things right. So this issue hits the ground running, with Bennett trying to undo all the previous mistakes he’d made to fix time, save his life, put the universe back in order again.

Of course if it was that simple then this would be a short series. But watching Bennett go about trying to fix his mistakes is entertaining enough as it is. Involving the challenges of the other scientists, past versions of himself, amongst other things. What I like about this series is it’s just good fun. You’re here for a good time. There aren’t any complex themes, or tackling global issues, it’s just, unapologetically, about having a good time. And that’s refreshing when a series like this comes along.

We learn a little more about his breakup with Mary-Anne, which I feel is going to become more important as the series progresses.

Then we have the conclusion to the issue. It’s funny, leaves us with as many questions as the first time travelling trip did, and promises the next issue will be more fun like this one has been. We still don’t have an explanation for why travelling one week back in time is having such a drastic and ridiculous effect on the timeline but it’s enough to draw you back, issue after issue, to find out why. And of course it’s all great fun, to see all these different and inconceivable timelines brought to life.

I mentioned it in the previous review but think it bears repeating, the title of this comic is perfect. It sums the series up so well, without reading the solicitation you have a pretty good idea what’s going on. It’s also an intriguing title which captures interest.

Karl Mostert and Dee Cunniffe do a great job of bringing these messed up timelines to life. A comic like this, where time keeps getting messed up, needs a talented art team to make it work properly and that’s exactly what we’ve got here. It’s also worth mentioning that the letters are done by John Layman, who also writes this comic. Multi-talented.

A fun read, I look forward to finding out where the series goes next. Unashamedly just trying to have a good time, this is exactly what we get. The art team makes these alternate timelines believable, the mysteries and intrigue keep us coming back.

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