Scream: Curse of Carnage #4 Review

by Nick Devonald on February 26, 2020

Writer: Clay McLeod Chapman
Artists: Garry Brown & Chris Mooneyham
Colours: Rain Beredo
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit

Andi has really grown on me as this series has progressed. I’ve gone from feeling unsure about her to really caring about her and worrying how she’s going to get herself out of the trouble she’s found herself in. That’s down to the excellent writing from Clay McLeod Chapman. His skilful storytelling has made this a must have for me each month.

As the series has progressed the relationship between Andi and Scream has changed drastically, we’re now at the point where they both depend on each other and their relationship. One of the things this issue does is challenge what we thought we knew about symbiotes. It focuses on the relationship between symbiote and host. We’re beginning to see changes from Scream as she spends more time bonded with Andi. It also asks the question of who the relationship between host and symbiote is more beneficial for, and just what Scream could become without a human host.

We get another flashback to when Thor first defeated the Grendel. That’s been one of the highlights of this series and wasn’t something I knew I needed until I started reading it. It also allows for a slightly different take on the old adage that history is written by the winners.

I thought that Chapman left Andi in a pretty dire situation at the end of the last issue. That was a piece of cake for where she ends up at the end of this one. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s a prerequisite of writing a symbiote story, between this and Donny Cates writing on Venom it feels like each conclusion is an attempt to outdo the previous one. Surely they can’t keep increasing the stakes like this?

I’ve really enjoyed the art in this series. It’s been a lot more horror themed than a typical Marvel book and has been one of the highlights. This issue takes it to a whole new level. Forget what you’ve seen so far, Garry Brown & Chris Mooneyham get a chance to show off their artistic skills here. Since this issue is set underwater it gives the chance for the Scream symbiote to adapt to its new setting. This lets Brown & Mooneyham come up with some brand new and spectacular designs for Scream. The visuals are one of the highlights of an excellent issue.

Rain Beredo gets a chance to use a lot of different colours in this issue as well. There's plenty of yellow and red amid the murkier underwater setting. Then the muted colours when we get the Thor flashback which is not only skilfully done but is yet another storytelling device.

This horror themed series has been a fantastic spin off from the events of Absolute Carnage. I’m excited to see where the future takes us and how this will tie into the inevitable event when Knull makes his way to earth. It’s difficult to choose which part of the story I’m enjoying most, the writing or the art. Both are brilliant and make this a must read for fans of Marvels symbiotes, especially Venom fans.

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