Firefly #14 Review

by Nick Devonald on February 18, 2020

Writer: Greg Pak
Arist: Lalit Kumar Sharma
Colors: Francesco Segala
Letters: Jim Campbell

This issue highlights the biggest problems I had with the first story arc. It all got too big. Galaxy wide wars. That’s not what Firefly was ever about. That’s also one of the dangers of switching from the small screen to comics. No budget restraints means there’s a little bit of freedom to go as epic and crazy as the writer wants. And sometimes the story gets too big and loses sight of what it should be about.

This new arc, focusing on Sheriff Mal, fixes this. We get smaller stories which fits in much better with what Firefly should be about. There’s more chance for the banter and humour to shine through which is, of course, one of the highlights of Firefly.

It feels like Greg Pak has finally gotten a good grasp on Firefly and what made the TV series work so well, and he’s applying that to the comic. By reigning it in a little and focusing on the banter between the crew he captures the feel of the TV series brilliantly.

The previous issue focused mostly on Mal and Boss Moon, with this issue we find out what’s been happening with Zoe and co. Which gives us a brilliant bit of humour and action that really captures the Joss Whedon magic and makes fans what they’ve wanted from this series. But it’s not just about the humour and banter. We also get the more serious moments too. There are some quite somber moments as well following events from earlier in the series.

This is the second issue drawn by Lalit Kumar Sharma. I liked the new direction his art took the series last issue. This time he gets a chance to play with more of the crew and he captures them really well, down to their expressions and mannerisms. Between that and Greg Pak’s writing it really does capture classic Firefly and is all the stronger for it.

Francesco Segala’s colors are great as well. There are some standout moments in this issue thanks to the brilliant coloring. There are panels which take place on different planets at different times of day and thanks to some well done colors it really helps add to the atmosphere and help set the scene.

This issue is a return to form for Firefly fans. Having a new art team for this arc helps to make this feel fresh and new. If this is the new standard going forward fans, new and old, are in for a treat.

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