Firefly #13 Review

by Nick Devonald on January 22, 2020

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Lalit Kumar Sharma
Colors: Francesco Segala
Letters: Jim Campbell

I have to admit I was a little sceptical about the whole Sheriff Mal storyline that the last couple of issues have been setting up. I wasn’t sure how it would work or what that would mean for the rest of Serenity’s crew. I’m glad to say I was wrong and I think this issue might be my favourite of the new Firefly series.

Most of the issue focues on Mal enforcing his own brand of law, which is a lot fairer to the everyday person than what's currently in place. It makes for some interesting storytelling and promises much more to come. Of course it's early days in this arc but it's something I would definitely like to explore a little more.

We get cameo’s from most of the Serenity crew in this issue and learn that Mal has a plan for them all going forward. Except of course it’s never as simple as that, and Mal’s sense of right and wrong is going to end up causing him some real grief.

Because we’re starting a new storyline I’m a bit wary about going into too many details for fear of giving away spoilers but this arc shows a lot of promise. I haven’t been this excited to pick up the next issue of Firefly in this whole run. Boss Moon is a character I haven't been too sure of throughout this series, Greg Pak obviously really likes her and he's determined to make her a key part of this story. She's definitely shown the most character development over the series. Pak has a bit of a challenge when it comes to character development because not only is he working with established characters, he's also filling in the missing years between the series and the film, so he's restricted with what he can do. Any character changes he makes then need to be changed back before the end of the series. By introducing new characters it lets him spend some time on them and get to leave the main Firefly crew alone in a little bubble where they don't change much.

Art duties have moved onto Lalit Kumar Sharma, with Francesco Segala doing colors. I was a fan of Dan McDaid before and I’m always a little sceptical when art duties get passed onto another artist. I’m pleased to say that Sharma’s art is every bit as good as McDaids, he really captures that Old West feel that Firefly does so well. His characters are all quite distinctive as well and I look forward to seeing him draw the absent members of the crew in the future. And of course an artist is only as good as the color artist and Francesco Segala does a great job here. There are some standout panels, one in particular that sticks with me has a sunset in the background. There are some terrific colors in the sky, and in the hands of a lesser color artist really wouldn’t stand out in the same way as these do. I look forward to seeing this pair work more together in the future.

The start of a brand new storyline, it shows a lot of promise, and hopefully won’t make the same mistakes the previous storyline did by feeling drawn out towards the end. The new art team do a great job and I can’t wait to see more of their work. Firefly fans won’t be disappointed.

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