Revenge of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #2

by Nick Devonald on January 15, 2020

Writer: Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum
Artist: Scott Hepburn
Colors: Antonio Fabela

There is a certain level of ridiculousness and insanity about Cosmic Ghost Rider which is present in all his best stories. Look at Donny Cates original run, where Frank is killing people left right and centre while trying to raise baby Thanos in a way that stops him turning evil. It’s insane, ridiculous, and oh so much fun. Dennis Hallum gets that, he understands and captures it perfectly here. Cosmic Ghost Rider is in good hands here.

So he’s gone back to his roots as the Punisher, only this time in space, that doesn't stop him going after the bad guys with the ultimate goal of getting to the Cosmic King, the latest big bad. Only after the events of the last issue he has a companion, Cammi, who after his penance stare he realises has an innocent soul. Most of this issue revolves around Frank killing bad guys while stopping Cammi from doing it to protect her innocence. It makes for some hilarious moments and an added challenge for Frank.

With a story like this there aren’t many character moments, or deep themes, it’s mostly all about having an all out bonkers story and generally having a good time and that’s exactly what we get here. One of the other things that Hallum manages to capture really well is the tragedy of Frank Castle. His story is tragic, and despite his best intentions calamity follows him everywhere and this series is no different. The other thing I like about the writing is we never quite know where it’s going next. Everytime it seems to be following an already done formula it takes another twist or turn and goes in a different direction. It keeps you guessing and that’s great.

Of course with all this nuttiness about it takes a special kind of artist to bring it all to life properly. And Scott Hepburn makes it look easy. It channels some of Dylan Burnett’s work (who worked on the original run) while making it all his own. The art is as demented as Frank is and it works great.

Then we have the colors from Antonio Fabela. He’s no stranger to coloring Cosmic Ghost Rider since he worked on the original series alongside Dylan Burnett and he brings that experience here. It’s over the top colors to match the over the top action, to match the over the top story-telling. It all works brilliantly and comes together to make a damn fun story.

Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum proves he’s got what it takes to carry Cosmic Ghost Riders reigns. Scott Hepburn and Antonio Fabela bring that vision to life. Put your sanity away and dive deep into this bonkers tale.

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